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The 21st century corporate management environment is characterized by the advancement of technologies such as AI, quantum, semiconductors, and aerospace, as well as the emergence of new businesses, regional economic blocs, global market reorganization, and ESG regulations, creating various conditions for business start-up and growth and sustainable management. We are looking for a partner who can systematically resolve difficulties.

Zeta Plan Investment was established in 2006 to serve as a partner for companies in their startup, growth, and sustainable management. We support venture investment for starting a company, establishment of management strategy for systematic growth, IPO, M&A, and ESG management, and link strategic alliances in the global market with global technology commercialization.

Zeta Plan Invest supports the entire investment process from seed stage investment to pre-IPO investment for venture investment for corporate growth, and provides investment combinations at the stage that companies need, such as listing of companies through corporate mergers through SPAC funds. We have formed and are providing support.

Zeta Plan Investment provides various solutions necessary for corporate growth by establishing a network capable of corporate investment, growth support, and technology commercialization in key countries in the global market such as the United States, China, Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Israel. I’m doing it.

Zeta Plan Investment will be a corporate partner, like a bright sun for corporate growth and sustainable management, and a bright moon that illuminates the way so that you do not get lost in the darkness.

Mission and Vision

“Our mission is to provide sustainable growth for our customers. We provide transparent and professional venture investment global listing services to help our clients prepare for the future and achieve success.”

“Our vision is to help every business move towards a better future through innovative investment and growth solutions and networks. We provide the resources necessary for companies’ sustainable management in a changing business environment.”

Business Areas

  • Establishment and operation of a venture investment association to support growth-stage companies
  • Establishment and operation of Pre-IPO project fund for IPO companies
  • Merger and listing of companies through the establishment of a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) fund
  • Support for domestic M&A transactions and cross-border M&A services for corporate growth
  • “Special listing” advisory support for IPO of companies with excellent technology
  • SPAC merger listing support for companies with stability and growth potential
  • Technology financing and venture investment support through technology grade evaluation of owned technology
  • Valuation of owned technology for various purposes [ venture investment, technology finance, investment in kind, M&A, technology transaction, licensing ] global technology commercialization
  • Matching and transaction support for supply technology based on global demand technology survey
  • Support for strategic R&D, strategic alliances, and J/V establishment in the global market
  • Management strategy: Providing analysis, diagnosis, and management solutions that support systematic achievement of the goals pursued by corporate managers and organizations.
  • ESG management strategy: Support for ESG management system, evaluation, and reporting related to corporate environmental, social, and governance.

Business Networks

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